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We feel that you don’t have to know everything about wine to be able to enjoy it… Our Wild Pelican flies across the world to select the best wines for you and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy a diversity of flavours and abundance of styles. Enjoy our wines during a moment for yourself after a hard day’s work or together celebrating with friends and family and remember that you will always have a fresh and guaranteed quality product!

Cin Cin

Who says good wine comes in a bottle?


The Wild Pelican® wines come from carefully selected wineries, offering a steady supply of premium quality wines that use state-of-the-art equipment during their wine making process.

A sua saúde


Red Wine

A smooth silky red wine from Spain with an abundance of rich black and red berry aromas complemented by a hint of vanilla with a long supple finish.

A great companion to red meats, particularly lamb and game, but equally good to enjoy on its own or with a piece of cheese.

Smooth silky

White Wine

A crisp, vibrantly fruity dry white wine from Italy with subtle aromas of juicy apple and pear, complemented by a hint of citrus fruit.

Superb chilled and enjoyed on its own and equally delicious when matched with fish, chicken and creamy pasta’s.

Vibrantly fruity


Rosé Wine

A seriously refreshing dry rosé wine from France, bursting with intense raspberry flavours and red fruit.

Explore this elegant easy drinking wine chilled as an excellent aperitif all year round. Also delicious with spicy stir-fry, seafood and salads.

seriously refreshing


We’ve put our high quality wines in an aluminium can because it preserves the wine very well; no UV-rays, air nor cork can taint the wine. The lids on our cans are tamper-proof; so you are safe to enjoy this original European A quality wine.

We'll meet a can



  • single-serve size
  • lightweight & portable
  • non-breakable
  • chills faster, stays cool longer
  • easy to open & store
  • ideal for outdoor activities like BBQ, picknick, or a sailing trip




Our Wild Pelican has landed onboard several airlines, in supermarkets and wine stores across the world.

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Vinovation International is 100% owner of the registered Wild Pelican® brand. Should you like to receive more information about Wild Pelican® or a private label wine in can brand, do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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